The Eclipse

Didn’t think well ahead to order Eclipse glasses so I’m playing it safe and staying indoors to sew.  Anyway you cut it, it’s going to be a memorable day having fun and looking forward to the next total eclipse….18 years from now…

And for this special event I have two cutting tables that are on special and they each include a healing cutting mat (suggested retail on mat $199).  If you’ve been looking for a new cutting table or are tired of bending at an awkward position to cut, take advantage of the total eclipse and come see me.  They open out to a large work space and fold down to store in a small area and they have storage drawers for quick access to your accessories instantly.

New panels in that make wonderful placemats:

And a Majestic owl:

We just finished a challenge where everyone was given a simple runner pattern where they created their own center.  Here’s a picture, and it truly does have a “wow” factor when you come in to the shop and see them displayed.  The creativity just takes your breath away:

Remember Wednesday’s continue to be open sewing days.  Bring your machine, project and lunch.  Sewing with others is always fun and it’s a great way to learn new tips.  There is no cost but you do need to bring your own cutter and rulers.  Cutting tables and irons are available for your use.

Enjoy your week.