Sunshine Brings Craziness!

There is something about having to wait for it that makes us more giddy when it finally gets here.  You feel more alive, more energized, definitely more thankful!

The April snowfalls that just wouldn’t quit were like a skip in the “vinyl” or what I refer to as record albums.  And that’s how it felt working with selvages…started with a cute spring bag    

then library tote   and Spring placemats.  Definitely addicting.

Made myself stop.  Repetition is good, but there’s so many other great projects I want…need to get completed.  Like the eight projects Kim Diehl has created for her Simple Whatnots Club this year.  I just completed the first and have the next one lined up and ready to cut:

If you want to see the entire collection they have them posted on Henry Glass website or you can stop into The Calico Shoppe in Eau Claire.  They have the complete line of fabrics and patterns.

First road trip as a retiree…up to Port Wing to see the new shop “Fisher Under Cover”.  It was cold driving up along the lake but once inside the shop is warm and inviting.  Simply fabulous.  An old church where Tammy has displayed some great antiques and awesome new samples to inspire.  She also had a plate of cookies (they didn’t last too long).  And don’t worry about being way up there without any food…there is a great bar/restaurant that served delicious hamburgers and pizza – “The Port”.  Definitely recommend this trip.  You won’t be disappointed.

From there took a scenic drive around Lake Nebagamon to The Little Gift House in Solon Springs.  Always love that shop.  Becky just can’t wait to show you what’s new and she always seems to know exactly what you cannot live without.  She had displayed almost all projects from the “A Change of Seasons” book by Bonnie Sullivan.  I have the book and am now excited to complete those projects I’ve started from this book.

Tummies were full so we didn’t take advantage of eating at their The Little Coffee House, but I’ve heard is delish so I’ll be back to enjoy.

All in all a great day and I’m getting ready for next trip.

Enjoy this wonderful weather!  I’m so very thankful my mother taught me to sew.  I can’t imagine a world without sewing.