Crazy February Weather

This is awesome but very crazy weather for February in the Northwoods….so why not go Crazy and make a crazy quilt.  IMG_0822This Saturday we’re starting a small crazy quilt pillow.  If you’ve never done any crazy quilts and want to know how or if you’ve tried and it just isn’t working and you don’t know why this is the class where you will learn the five basic steps to making a crazy quilt you will love.  Sign up by calling the shop.

Every year it seems like there’s a new animal we love to play with and this is the year of the Moose.  We’re making four wallhangings for the seasons starting with Spring.  IMG_0844Contact the shop to sign up.  Date is March 7th, cost $25 for class and you will need the EZ Circle template.  We have kits available for purchase or you may select your own fabrics.

We have some new table runners to entice those that want to learn to quilt but don’t know where to start.  We also have kits available for those that just love the fabrics and want to make the runners.  Begin Quilting classes are March 16th, 23rd and 30th.  Three classes and you’ll have a quilted and bound runner.  You’ll learn proper pressing, cutting and piecing.  How to quilt your project and bind the edge.  Sign up at the shop.


Enjoy the beautiful days ahead as Friday we’ll be drawn back into reality again….or so the weather forecasters predict….they could be wrong, but I don’t think so.  Stop in when you’re in town…there’s always something to talk about.  And remember Wednesday’s continue to be open sewing days.