Christmas Is Here!

Christmas is a magical time of year. It’s a tranquil peaceful time and a time for me to reflect back on the year and remember the fun times, laughter, tears, and stories told. The memories are plentiful and I want to thank you all for those treasures and for allowing my dream of opening a quilt shop to become a reality. It’s has been such a wonderful experience and I have such joy in thinking back through the years. So much fun! And life should be fun. As you know Thimbles will close the doors on December 30th. I’ll still continue my weekly news as I really don’t think I could be quiet. I love to share and I don’t want to lose touch with you. And we’re starting up a first Tuesday of the month lunch. We’ll start the first one on Tuesday, January 2nd at Denille’s Pizza in Spooner – 11:30 am. They have a great salad bar with pizza. So join the group if you can.

There is a new shop opening up in Port Wing in the Spring. They have purchased most of the fixtures from Thimbles
and I can’t wait to see them in their new home. My technical skills are not quite up to speed or I would have shared an awesome photo of their shop. It is an old Church they are turning into a quilt shop. Lots of love and history in that building and so much more to unfold. Roadtrip….so keep posted.

Addicion = Fabric. I so love Kim Diehl’s fabric lines and her sweet Simple Whatnots. There’s a new club starting up in 2018. I checked and The Calico Shoppe in Eau Claire is doing the series, so I’ve placed my order. I ordered fabric for all eight projects. Again, I tried to share the photo, but just not going to happen tonight. You can visit Henry Glass Fabrics website. They show them all. I’ve got a few joining me as we’ll be doing them together.
If you want to jump in, call The Calico Shoppe and get your order in: 715-834-9990.

Merry Christmas and I wish you all well. Please keep in touch. And thank you so much for the wonderful years. So many treasures. Enjoy the Magic of the season. It truly is a blessing.